Hire Reporting

As of October 1, 1997, Rhode Island state dental offices are mandated to report required information about new employees within 14 days of their date of hire to the Rhode Island State Directory of New Hires.

The state will use new-hire reports to locate parents and enforce child support payment orders, as well as prevent fraudulent workers' compensation and unemployment claims.

Who must be reported?
Employers must report the hiring of any person who resides or works in this state to whom the employer anticipates paying earnings; and the rehiring or return to work of any employee who was laid off, furloughed, separated, granted a leave without pay or terminated from employment.

Reporting Requirements
New hire reports must contain the employee's name, address, social security number, availability of employee/dependent health insurance coverage, and payroll address - if different from employer address. Optional information can contain date of hire, date of birth and state of hire.

How often must employers report?
Employers must report any new hires or rehires within 14 days of the date of hire; or Employers reporting electronically or magnetically must report by two monthly transmissions (if necessary) not less than 12 nor more than 16 days apart. Employers who fail to report as required will be fined $20.00 for each new hire not reported, and $500.00 if conspiracy not to report is detected and determined. Dental offices that use a payroll service should inquire whether the service can provide help with new-hire reporting. If you are a multi-state employer, you have two options: Report newly-hired employees to the State in which newly-hired or rehires are working or Select one state where you have employees working and report all new hires to that state electronically or magnetically.

How must employers report?
First Class Mail Mail state form or copies of W-4(s) with the dependent/health insurance information to:

Rhode Island State Director of New Hires
PO Box 540220
Omaha, Nebraska 68154-0220

Additional information and reporting specifications can be obtained by calling (888) 870-6461.


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