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Donated Dental Services Honors long-time benefactor Delta Dental of Rhode Island

Donated Dental Services Rhode Island recently honored Delta Dental of Rhode Island with an award of appreciation for its contributions to the organization, which provides free dental care and lab work to citizens with disabilities, and the elderly, medically fragile or those who otherwise do not have access to dental care. Since 2003, Delta Dental has donated more than $100,000 through its Challenge Grant Program.

Above, from left: Donated Dental Board President Dr. Martin C. Nager; Delta Dental of Rhode Island President & CEO Joseph A. Nagle; Donated Dental Board Member Valerie G. Celentano; Rhode Island Dental Association President Dr. Steven Brown; Donated Dental Board Member Dr. A. Thomas Correia and Delta Dental's Vice President of External Affairs Kathryn Shanley.

The Rhode Island Foundation for Dentistry for the Handicapped, also known as the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program is dedicated to the premise that all people, whatever their physical and mental abilities, deserve a pain-free mouth and a healthy smile.

The mission of the Donated Dental Services program is to make oral health care accessible to disabled, aged, and medically compromised RI residents who are without the means to pay for, or otherwise access dental treatment for serious dental problems because they cannot afford dental treatment. As a result of their ages, or disabilities, many cannot work and must depend on government programs for health care.

Medicare, however, does not cover dental treatment and Rhode Island's Medicaid program limits dental benefits for adults. Consequently, many vulnerable Rhode Islanders live with painful and unsightly dental conditions and have nowhere else to turn for help. Some patients require immediate dental treatment in order to make them eligible for crucial medical treatment such as organ transplant and joint replacements. Severely decayed teeth and untreated gum disease can have a direct effect on overall health including heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, pre-term and low weight births, and other diseases.

We would also like to recognize our other financial contributors who without their help, there would be no DDS program:

Members of the Rhode Island Dental Association, Delta Dental of Rhode Island, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, June Rockwell Levy Foundation, Shapiro Family Foundation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Foundation.

The Donated Dental Services program is delighted to celebrate 20 years of helping disabled, aged, and medically compromised RI residents. To date, over 200 dentist volunteers and 60 dental labs have donated over $4 million of dental treatment in private dental offices for 2,500 Rhode Islanders. Patients who qualify for the program are treated like any other patient in the private dental office. The dentist decides what treatments are needed and schedules the patient during regular business hours. If a specialist or dental lab is needed, the program coordinator handles the case for the patient. This is all at no charge to the patient.

Things that many of us take for granted; the ability to comfortably chew food, absence of pain, or a pleasant smile are made possible by the Donated Dental Services program. On behalf of people who slip through the cracks, who do not have financial resources, insurance or government entitlement to receive oral care, we want to thank ALL of our volunteers and recognize the top five dentist volunteers over the years for their significant and often life-changing contributions to those in need. Drs. David Ward, Peter Schott, Craig Van Dongen, James Photopoulos, and Craig Wood. Mr. Richard and Mr. Ryan Napolitano from Precision Craft Dental Lab were also honored as the top dental lab volunteers.


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