Councils and Committees

Councils are made up of seven members who are appointed for three-year terms with the exception of the Council on Scientific Sessions which has five members who may serve simultaneously on a second council. Each officer is appointed to serve as an ex-officio on a number of councils. Committees are appointed on an annual basis with no restrictions on number of members, terms, or number of committees one may serve.

This council promotes communications between the Association and the public, between the Association and between its members. It oversees the image of the Association, as well as public relations efforts with the media. The council, with the approval of the House of Delegates, now moves into its fourth year with statewide print, radio and television advertising. The council is also responsible for the RIDA WEB page.

Dental Benefit Programs
This council is concerned with matters relating to prepaid dental programs, both public and private. The council maintains communications with third party administrators and other insurance companies helping to serve as a catalyst for addressing problems impacting the dental delivery system in this state. The RIDA is also a participant in the ADA Pilot Program for Direct Reimbursement.

Education and Licensure
This council oversees all requests for approval of continuing education courses given by dentists or non-dentists or by sponsorship of any business concern, formulates and recommends policy on dental auxiliary education, subjects that affect dental, dental auxiliary and related education, dental Licensure and dental auxiliary credentialing.

Ethics, Bylaws, and Judicial Affairs
This council's responsibilities encompass ethics, bylaws, and judicial enforcement of dental disciplinary proceedings. Specific areas include issuing advisory opinions relating to the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, reviewing the Association's Constitution and Bylaws, and provides guidance to the peer review program.

Governmental Affairs
Successful legislative effort requires close attention during the state legislative session and often fast response when legislative developments occur. This council provides overall supervision and coordination for development and implementation of the RIDA legislative program and activities of the RIDA lobbyist. The council also monitors regulatory agencies for anticipated regulations that affect the practice of dentistry.

This council is responsible for the recruitment and retention, and monitoring trends of members, and the encouragement of membership involvement throughout organized dentistry. The council also promotes support of the development of membership benefits and services in response to member needs.

Peer Review
The Association and its component societies provide peer review, which often facilitates resolution of disputes between patients, dentists and/or third party payers. Workshops on mediation are sponsored on a regular basis to keep members current with state law, the requirements of the National Practitioner Data Bank and reinforcement of peer review procedures.

Scientific Sessions
This council has the responsibility of contracting with nationally known speakers to provide the membership with continuing dental education programs four to six times a year to comply with Licensure requirements and other regulatory mandates such as OSHA. Exhibitors are invited to participate in Association programs on a regular basis, and dental education courses on topics of importance or interest to members are provided on an as-needed basis.

This committee is responsible for the development, supervision, and evaluation of programs and services beneficial to individual members - benefits both tangible and intangible.

While the House of Delegates has the ultimate responsibility for RIDA finances, this committee has the responsibility for investment of reserves and acts in an advisory capacity on all matters pertaining to Association funds. The Executive Committee, who are also members of this committee, submit an annual budget to the House of Delegates as well as an annual certified financial audit of Association activities.

Dentists Health
This committee serves as a confidential resource for members of the dental team afflicted by alcohol, chemical, or any other type of dependency. Caring colleagues are available to provide RIDA members, their families, and staff with confidential information and support regarding dependency issues. The committee is seeking to develop a liaison network of representatives to serve on the committee. Members who are in need of assistance or wish to volunteer service should contact Dr. Robert G. Champagne at 351-1110.

The New Dentist
This committee is actively involved in helping new professionals prepare for the "real" world. The committee sponsors four to six meetings annually to assist new members in the early years of practice.

Waste Water
This committee assists members in each component dental society and/or municipality to comply with the mandates of the Federal Clean Water Act specifically as it relates to disposal of dental wastewater effluent and other hazardous solutions that may enter the water system.


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