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All classified ads are now free for RIDA members and run for one month on our web site. Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you are an RIDA member, you must enter your ADA number so that we can validate your membership.

Effective immediately, the RIDA will assess a 3% charge to all credit card transactions.

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Employment Opportunities Available-Dentists $40.00
Employment Opportunities Available-Hygienists $40.00
Employment Opportunities Available-Assistants $40.00
Employment Opportunities Available-Technicians $40.00
Employment Opportunities Available-Office Staff $40.00
Employment Opportunities Desired-Dentists $20.00
Employment Opportunities Desired-Hygienists $20.00
Employment Opportunities Desired-Assistants $20.00
Employment Opportunities Desired-Technicians $20.00
Employment Opportunities Desired-Office Staff $20.00
Equipment to Buy or Sell $25.00
Practices and Offices for Sale or Lease $25.00
Seeking Practices $25.00
Vacation Rentals/Sales $25.00
Professional Services $25.00

All ads are published on the Web site for one month from date of insertion.
Months to Display

Be sure to include your contact information within your classified ad. "Contact Information" above does not appear in the actual ad unless typed within the advertisement.

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