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RI Board of Examiners in Dentistry Continuing Education Criteria for Dentists

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Definition of Continuing Education Credit

One (1) continuing education credit for each hour of attendance at lectures, seminars, institutes or meetings. Successful completion of an entire course of instruction is necessary to receive any continuing education credit.

Two (2) continuing education credits for each hour of attendance at clinical or laboratory participatory courses. Successful completion of an entire course of instruction is necessary to receive any continuing education credit.

Responsibility of the Licensee
It is the responsibility of each licensee to maintain an authenticated record of all continuing education activities completed, and to submit original documentation as evidence of completion of the above requirement, when requested.

Categories of Credit
The following guidelines will assist the licensee in identifying acceptable courses of
continuing education activity. The licensee is free to select areas of study from within
the stated categories, keeping in mind the restriction of minimum/maximum number
of hours allowed in each category.

Dentist licensees must obtain a total of forty (40) continuing education credits every two years. Continuing education is reported biennially on the even numbered years. The current biennial accrual period is July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2012.
A random audit of five percent of licensees will be performed for license renewals upon completion of the accrual period (June 30, 2012). Dentist licenses are renewed biennially on July 1 of the even numbered years.

The RIDA Continuing Education Registry is a computerized record keeping service for members who wish to receive annual transcripts of one’s continuing education history. Transcripts are also provided upon request and are maintained over a five-year period.

It is the responsibility of the dentist to provide the Executive Office in writing of all CE courses attended. Staff does not evaluate this information—the Registry is merely a means of keeping records of one’s CE activity. In the event of an audit by the RI Board of Examiners in Dentistry, it will be the ultimate responsibility of the member to provide proof in the form of original records.

Upon receipt of the coupon below, you will receive a supply of CE Course Reporting forms. When reporting courses taken, please forward the white copy to the RIDA Executive Office and keep the yellow copy for your files.

The Executive Office requests that forms be submitted as soon as courses are taken rather than all at once or just before license renewal so that we may return transcripts to all participants in a timely fashion.

There is a $25 fee for this service.

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